I have a few questions/comments and I hope that Thomas or Nicholas find
the time to reply.

I've noticed that as soon as a release is made the version is bumped and
debug is turned on. I was not even able to turn this off with the
configure option --disable-debug.
So a static binary compiled from git has 4.5 MB while a static binary
compiled from a release tarball has close to 2 MB.
People should be able to choose, if they want debug info or optimized code.

Setting the version to 2.4 is _very_ confusing. As it is now, people
think they are running release 2.4 while they're not.

Other projects use versioning like:

2.3-<number of commits since release tag>-<7 character long git hash>
(e.g.: 2.3-17-76a9e6f)

The development model does not follow a pull request model, nor does it
seem to be git aware at all.

People send patches and their code is commited by either Nicholas or
Thomas, which is fine, but the author field should still have the name
of the coder. It has not. Instead the author is mentioned in the commit
message. I don't want to complain, but this looks very strange, as if
the developers have no idea how git works.

One of the reasons why I haven't sent any patches is, because I don't
want to write code, test it, send a patch file via git to a mailing list
(which is another annyoance) and then my name does not even show up as
the author. I don't know why pull requests are such a problem.

Anyway, it certainly sounds that I only have negative feedback. This is
not the case. tmux is a great product and I use it daily. I just wanted
to comment on a few things I just don't understand. Maybe the developers
can shed a light on these things.

 K. C.

regards Helmut K. C. Tessarek
lookup http://sks.pkqs.net for KeyID 0xC11F128D

   Thou shalt not follow the NULL pointer for chaos and madness
   await thee at its end.

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