Hello Thomas,

On 2016-10-12 14:46, Thomas Adam wrote:
> This can't happen, and you're misunderstanding how the workflow happens.

Yes, this is certainly true. That's why I asked. :-)

> You're not the first one to either.  Tmux is developed as part of OpenBSD.
> It's in the base system.  OpenBSD uses CVS for all of its source code
> management and they have their own servers.

That explains a lot.

> But once there, people are free to download and use it, and since it's GH they
> can now also send through issues and pull-requests.  The thing to bear in mind
> is that it's a collection point only for feeding BACK INTO OPENBSD.  I put
> this in capitals so you understand its importance.  Commiting *back* to
> OpenBSD relies on Nicholas doing so as the commiter, and hence he is the
> author.  This is why he has to attriute patches to authors that way.

Ok, I didn't know that. This also explains the way how dev is handled.

> When changes go into OpenBSD then they're synched to tmux-portable on Github;
> again, the attribution has come out of CVS which will almost always be
> Nicholas (or someone else with commit-bit rights to the CVS repository).

It all starts to make sense.

> We do use PRs, by the way, but only as a means of gathering patches together.
> Should you want to do that rather than using git-send-email, that's OK too.

Yes, on some systems git-send depends on additional libs that are not
always there. I happened to experience a dependency nightmare several times.

> Hope this helps.

Yes, I really appreciate the time for the elaborate explanation. Thank you.

 K. C.

regards Helmut K. C. Tessarek
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   await thee at its end.

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