On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 12:27:01PM -0400, Helmut K. C. Tessarek wrote:
> Other projects use versioning like:
> 2.4-dev
> 2.3-<number of commits since release tag>-<7 character long git hash>
> (e.g.: 2.3-17-76a9e6f)

Whilst it's possible to easily include the output of git-describe into the
version string at build time (I do this with other projects which I run), it's
not really necessary here.

> The development model does not follow a pull request model, nor does it
> seem to be git aware at all.

Of course not, it's an OpenBSD project which is using CVS.

> People send patches and their code is commited by either Nicholas or
> Thomas, which is fine, but the author field should still have the name
> of the coder. It has not. Instead the author is mentioned in the commit
> message. I don't want to complain, but this looks very strange, as if
> the developers have no idea how git works.

This can't happen, and you're misunderstanding how the workflow happens.
You're not the first one to either.  Tmux is developed as part of OpenBSD.
It's in the base system.  OpenBSD uses CVS for all of its source code
management and they have their own servers.

As with most projects in OpenBSD, if it's popular enough then a portable
version of it is produced to run on Linux/Solaris/{Free,Net}BSD/Mac.  At that
point, the portable version is free to live wherever; in the past we housed it
on SF (using SVN).  Now we're using Git, we've migrated to Github.

But once there, people are free to download and use it, and since it's GH they
can now also send through issues and pull-requests.  The thing to bear in mind
is that it's a collection point only for feeding BACK INTO OPENBSD.  I put
this in capitals so you understand its importance.  Commiting *back* to
OpenBSD relies on Nicholas doing so as the commiter, and hence he is the
author.  This is why he has to attriute patches to authors that way.

When changes go into OpenBSD then they're synched to tmux-portable on Github;
again, the attribution has come out of CVS which will almost always be
Nicholas (or someone else with commit-bit rights to the CVS repository).

> One of the reasons why I haven't sent any patches is, because I don't
> want to write code, test it, send a patch file via git to a mailing list
> (which is another annyoance) and then my name does not even show up as
> the author. I don't know why pull requests are such a problem.

They're not a problem.  You just can't have your name as the author directly
in the commit since we don't use Git like that as it's all coming from

If you want to find out who did what, grep the git logs.

We do use PRs, by the way, but only as a means of gathering patches together.
Should you want to do that rather than using git-send-email, that's OK too.

The only time that you'll see commits in the portable version directly is when
I am fixing up things specifically to do with tmux portable, or there's a
change to the documentation, or I am doing a release of tmux, for instance.

Hope this helps.

-- Thomas Adam

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