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Date:   Thu Apr 12 06:20:30 2018 +0000

    Update translations for support-tbb
 he.json | 16 ++++++++--------
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diff --git a/he.json b/he.json
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--- a/he.json
+++ b/he.json
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
     "tbb-6": {
        "id": "#tbb-6",
        "control": "tbb-6",
-       "title": "Can I make Tor Browser my default browser?",
+       "title": "האם אני יכול להפוך את דפדפן Tor 
לדפדפן ברירת המחדל שלי?",
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Unfortunately, there is no supported 
way to make Tor Browser your default browser.</p>"
     "tbb-7": {
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@
     "tbb-12": {
        "id": "#tbb-12",
        "control": "tbb-12",
-       "title": "Can I use Flash in Tor Browser?",
+       "title": "האם אני יכול להשתמש ב־Flash בדפדפן 
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Flash is disabled in Tor Browser, and 
we recommend you do not enable it. We don’t think Flash is safe to use in any 
browser — it's a very insecure piece of software that can easily compromise 
your privacy or serve you malware. Fortunately, most websites, devices, and 
other browsers are moving away from the use of Flash.</p>"
     "tbb-13": {
@@ -92,25 +92,25 @@
     "tbb-15": {
        "id": "#tbb-15",
        "control": "tbb-15",
-       "title": "Can I download Tor Browser for ChromeOS?",
+       "title": "האם אני יכול להוריד את דפדפן Tor 
עבור ChromeOS?",
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Unfortunately, we don't yet have a 
version of Tor Browser for ChromeOS.</p>"
     "tbb-16": {
        "id": "#tbb-16",
        "control": "tbb-16",
-       "title": "Can I pick which country I'm exiting from?",
+       "title": "האם אני יכול לבחור מאיזו מדינה אנ
י יוצא?",
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Modifying the way that Tor creates 
its circuits is strongly discouraged. You get the best security that Tor can 
provide when you leave the route selection to Tor; overriding the entry / exit 
nodes can compromise your anonymity. If the outcome you want is simply to be 
able to access resources that are only available in one country, you may want 
to consider using a VPN instead of using Tor. Please note that VPNs do not have 
the same privacy properties as Tor, but they will help solve some geolocation 
restriction issues.</p>"
     "tbb-17": {
        "id": "#tbb-17",
        "control": "tbb-17",
-       "title": "Is it safe to run Tor Browser and another browser at the same 
+       "title": "האם זה בטוח להריץ את דפדפן Tor 
ודפדפן אחר באותו זמן?",
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">If you run Tor Browser and another 
browser at the same time, it won't affect Tor's performance or privacy 
properties. However, be aware that your other browser is not keeping your 
activity private, and you may forget and accidentally use that non-private 
browser to do something that you intended to do in Tor Browser.</p>"
     "tbb-18": {
        "id": "#tbb-18",
        "control": "tbb-18",
-       "title": "Is there support for *BSD?",
+       "title": "האם ישנה תמיכה ב־*BSD?",
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Sorry, but there is currently no 
official support for running Tor Browser on *BSD. There is something called the 
TorBSD project, but their Tor Browser is not officially supported.</p>"
     "tbb-19": {
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@
     "tbb-21": {
        "id": "#tbb-21",
        "control": "tbb-21",
-       "title": "How do I view Tor Browser message log?",
+       "title": "איך אני צופה ביומן ההודעות של 
דפדפן Tor?",
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Click the button labelled \"Copy Tor 
Log To Clipboard\" that appears in the dialog window when Tor Browser is first 
connecting to the network. If Tor Browser is already open, click on the 
Torbutton icon (the small green onion at the top-left of the screen), then 
\"Open Network Settings\", then \"Copy Tor Log To Clipboard.\". Once you have 
copied the log, you will be able to paste it into a text editor or email 
     "tbb-22": {
@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@
     "tbb-41": {
        "id": "#tbb-41",
        "control": "tbb-41",
-       "title": "Why did my search engine switch to DuckDuckGo?",
+       "title": "למה מנוע החיפוש שלי הוחלף אל 
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">With the release of Tor Browser 
6.0.6, we switched to DuckDuckGo as the primary search engine. For a while now, 
Disconnect has had no access to Google search results which we used in Tor 
Browser. Disconnect being more of a meta search engine which allows users to 
choose between different search providers fell back to delivering Bing search 
results which were basically unacceptable quality-wise.</p>"
      "tbb-42": {

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