The plugin is enabled in the components section of trac.ini.
It shows as installed in the admin page. Version 0.5
Trac is version 1.0.1
trac.log does not show either 'sending' or 'skipping' for DEBUG or 
trac.log does show "Side effect for TicketWorkFlowNotifier" but that is the 
entire line, with no other information
trac.log does not show any instances of the email address I want to send 
notification to.
if I grep trac.log  for "sending notification" I see only the email group 
used for all changes, never the single address I want to sent to for 
It seems like the plugin is not even being notified of changes (?)
I confirmed that the permissions for the directory tree allow executing 
*.py, and that those files are all owned by www-data
I confirmed that the plugin and trac were both built with the same version 
of python

On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 2:31:50 PM UTC-7, mickeyf wrote:
> I have tried to install and test this, but so far no joy. I'm not even 
> sure it has installed correctly. I am not up to speed on how things are 
> generally done in Python. I was not able to find an egg, but only the 
> zipped/tar'd code on git-hub. Not having clear direction on how to proceed, 
> I ran the, which did not show any complains or errors. I copied 
> the workflow_notification folder into /web/trac/plugins. My trac.ini 
> contains very nearly the example code shown on the trac hacks page:
> [ticket]
> ... other stuff
> workflow = ConfigurableTicketWorkflow, TicketWorkflowNotifier
>  [ticket-workflow-notifications]
> when_fixed = resolve
> when_fixed.body = Ticket ${} has been fixed! View it here: 
> ${link}
> when_fixed.subject = Ticket ${} is fixed!
> when_fixed.recipients =
> when_fixed.condition = ${ticket.resolution == 'fixed'}
> Is there a straightforward way to first test that this is actually 
> installed, and then to troubleshoot it? I have tried setting a dummy ticket 
> to 'fixed' but get neither a notification nor an error message.
> Thanks in advance!

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