I suspect this will end up being something simple, like whitespace, and I 
got excited for a minute there, but no, that was just a paste error, there 
is no leading whitespace in the ini file itself. And yes, both the plugin 
and [ticket-workflow-notifications] section do appear on the About page.

On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 2:31:50 PM UTC-7, mickeyf wrote:
> I have tried to install and test this, but so far no joy. I'm not even 
> sure it has installed correctly. I am not up to speed on how things are 
> generally done in Python. I was not able to find an egg, but only the 
> zipped/tar'd code on git-hub. Not having clear direction on how to proceed, 
> I ran the setup.py, which did not show any complains or errors. I copied 
> the workflow_notification folder into /web/trac/plugins. My trac.ini 
> contains very nearly the example code shown on the trac hacks page:
> [ticket]
> ... other stuff
> workflow = ConfigurableTicketWorkflow, TicketWorkflowNotifier
>  [ticket-workflow-notifications]
> when_fixed = resolve
> when_fixed.body = Ticket ${ticket.id} has been fixed! View it here: 
> ${link}
> when_fixed.subject = Ticket ${ticket.id} is fixed!
> when_fixed.recipients = myem...@realaddress.com
> when_fixed.condition = ${ticket.resolution == 'fixed'}
> Is there a straightforward way to first test that this is actually 
> installed, and then to troubleshoot it? I have tried setting a dummy ticket 
> to 'fixed' but get neither a notification nor an error message.
> Thanks in advance!

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