I'm disgusted by you guys. Were any of you around in 2007 when Twitter
was down nonstop? Did you bitch and moan as much then? You're acting
like children.

The reason they are still facing issues is because of the DDoS. Oh,
and they are still also coping with scaling overall and astronomical
growth. A DDoS that is shifting and trying to thwart them isn't easy
to stand up to- moreso if you were just able to handle the load of
your standard business traffic anyway.

Its very clear that many of you have NEVER worked in a startup or
technology environment. Its no like everyone from Biz down to the
receptionist can focus all their magical energy on Twitter at the same
time to make it work.

I've worked for a startup before when our service/site has gone down.
There were one, maybe two people in the company who had the ability,
authorization or knowledge to do it. The rest of us were as frustrated
as hell, but even if one of us was the cause (a bad query to the
database or something) that didn't mean that we could all instantly
fix it. Companies have different roles for people and it doesn't help
at all for EVERYONE to SSH to the same box and try to muck with the
settings to fix things.

All hands are on deck that need to be. Everyone else at Twitter can't
do anything about it, but is stressing out too.

Chad not working today isn't a sign of them not working on the stuff.
He just joined the team, and isn't in the engineering/operations
department. Him flying out to California to stand and stare at the
others working on the issue won't help. Different people have
different roles and his role isn't to fix this stuff.

If something happens at your office, does everyone from the CEO to the
receptionist jump on the issue all at once? No, they can't. It doesn't
make sense. Stop bitching and complaining. You're making yourselves
look unprofessional and bad.

-David Fisher
Web Ecology Project

On Aug 9, 2:51 am, chinaski007 <chinaski...@gmail.com> wrote:
> And, by the way, if you're a deckhand on a submarine going down, you
> think you would go to a movie because it's your time off, or do
> whatever you can to help out?
> On Aug 8, 11:47 pm, chinaski007 <chinaski...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Part of it is DDOS response, part of it is API issues... as one of the
> > updates most recently noted with the "known issues" list.
> > On Aug 8, 11:42 pm, Bill Kocik <bko...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > On Aug 9, 2:28 am, chinaski007 <chinaski...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > > You're wrong.
> > > > If you check the tweets of the other main Twitter developers, you will
> > > > see that they are doing sushi, rock concerts, weddings, watching
> > > > movies on Saturday afternoon, etc.  And while "getting married" is
> > > > certainly a legitimate excuse, some of the other activities, during
> > > > this major upheaval, are certainly questionable!
> > > Oh...I get it, you think that the developers are the right people to
> > > handle a DDoS attack. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you: you're
> > > wrong.
> > > And because not *all* the developers are sweating it out at Twitter
> > > HQ, that means no one's working on it. I can't argue with that logic.
> > > Seriously, I can't.

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