Well there was the Twitter TV program, maybe this is it. Maybe we're in a
Borat style movie already ;-)

I think it should be in the style of 24 : I can see it now, clock counting
down - Jack Bauer torturing sysadmin; developers being exposed
as double agents .... oh the intrigue :-)

Of course if it was 24 it would turn out that Biz Stone works for Facebook.



On 9 Aug 2009, at 20:41, David Fisher wrote:

It is like a surreal tech soap opera on this list though :-) Hey maybe I
could pitch this to Fox .....

All the best

DO IT! Maybe Twitter would have made a good reality show. Lots of
super-dramatic angles and queues pointing at sysadmins typing at a
console. :)

The mailing list would be like the random room they walk into to talk
to the camera.


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