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> Agree with what you said. Very well put. It is affecting most all of
> us. Our photo sharing service (TweetPhoto) is tied into 20 apps whose
> users aren't able to upload photo onto our platform. I've communicated
> by adding an alert to our homepage about the issues which broadcasts
> the message and hopefully helps manage user expectations. Twitter,
> you'll figure it out and find a solution. I'm also confident you'll
> keep us in the loop going foward. Thanks!
> Sean

Also, if you're serving as a bus or any sort of infrastructure, you should
probably have both in-band _and_ out-of-band channels for communicating this
stuff to YOUR third-parties. Any information you need to convey about
Twitter status and your status should be wrapped into every call you return.
Saves you this hassle in the future.

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