Now, with that kind of clause in a Developer TOS, would it mean
applications will need to actively prevent users from violating
Twitter TOS?

For example, would Tweetie and TweetDeck then be in violation if they
did not prevent users from:

a) Publishing the same tweet text more than once in short succession,

b) Publishing tweets that all contain links,

c) Publishing the same tweet text on more than one account, etc.

In the final analysis, and not to alienate the developer community,
the onus should rest on the Twitter account holder to understand and
comply with Twitter TOS, regardless of what tool is put at his

This does not mean Twitter cannot and should not put certain clear
definitions of what an application can and cannot do in a Developer
TOS. The aforementioned "enabling others to violate Twitter TOS" is
probably just not one of them, now that I have thought about it a bit

That's just my 2 cents.


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> Might qualify as a safe harbor issue ...
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