It may get even harder and open the door to an already hot topic with T.W.I.T. (The Week In Tech) which is a show by Leo Laporte.

I believe this show pre-dates the use of twit, and nay pre-date Twitter. I seem to recall at some point Leo Laporte would not even use Twitter as a result of feeling they were infinging on his name.

I don't know the trademark status with regard to this, but he has been vocal about it to say the least.

If anything, Laporte has prior art in this one.
Iphone says hello.

On Aug 12, 2009, at 4:55 AM, Goblin <> wrote:

The question is, are they going to be going after Twitteriffic,
Twitterholic, Twitpic, Twitvid, Twittelator, Twitterena, Twitterfon,
iTwitter etc?

I admit that I was fair game having the blue birds in the backdrop (as
I say, it was a stupid project that got traction and the new version
is live now anyway), but if Twitter is deciding to take down everyone
with Twit in their name then there are going to be some serious
issues. I know they have to show they are attempting to protect
trademark or risk losing it, but this seems a little heavy handed :(

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