Personally I think that is a mutilation of the use and purpose of
Twitter. I surely hope people would not judge me based on who is
following me.

The only way one can maintain a "clean" list of people who follow you
is to block those whom you don't want as followers. It is going to
cause the suspension of many innocent Twitter accounts if people block
others simply because they do not agree with their political views,
the way they comb their hair, or their profession.

Followers do no, zero, nada harm. Just let them be.


On Aug 12, 3:28 pm, Scott Haneda <> wrote:
> If I go to someone's account and they have 500 followers, 90% of them  
> are adult porn and social media experts, not only do I get the wrong  
> impression as to what that person is about, but I also have a  
> completely off kilter signal to noise ratio.

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