Honest question honest answer ....

If someone follows me, I'd like to find out about them and see if I'd like to follow them, I'd like to consider becoming friends with this person.

How can I do that if 80% of my follows are Real Estate Agents. It wastes my time, it's annoying and pollutes my inbox. I think you'll find quite a few people are tired of this annoyance. I'd like to get to know my followers not have 3000 numpties following me.

On 12 Aug 2009, at 18:07, Dewald Pretorius wrote:


Perhaps I'm being daft, but how can someone following you be "spam" or
"wrong", regardless of whether it is manual or auto follow?

If you don't follow them, you don't see their tweets, and they cannot
DM you.

In other words, what does it matter if 50,000 undesirable accounts
follow you, except for perhaps a minor personal irritation? Do you
want to be selective about who is allowed and who is not allowed to
follow you?


On Aug 12, 1:50 pm, Bob Fishel <> wrote:
In this case spamming is ALWAYS wrong. Again you need to allow for
definitions. Asking to receive announcements from Dell and then having
Dell follow you is on thing. But having someone autofollow you with
800 different PC resellers becasue you posted a tweet saying "look at
the great deal #Dell has today" is WRONG.

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