I totally agree with this as it'll allow our clients to just have to
look for the one extra field and then we can query the other status ID
to find out the originals.  This way we have to handle the entire
extra node and user node of the XML/json

On Aug 13, 11:31 pm, stygz <joeisarocks...@gmail.com> wrote:
> @Sean P.
> Precisely my thoughts. Just a simple "retweet_of_status_id" field on a
> status update will allow users to post their own thoughts (a.k.a.
> "keeping the conversation moving") and it would allow client apps to
> display/link original message however they like.  Then readers have
> all the context they need and if they're interested they can view/
> interact with the original tweet as they like.
> This may seem like a trivial thing to get this excited about, but
> twitter is all about the conversation and the power of social media is
> the two-way communication.  So why would we want a feature that
> squelches the conversation and confuses sharing?
> On Aug 13, 3:10 pm, "Sean P." <seantpa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I agree with janole. I believe the simple "Reply" concept would be
> > best in this regard. For example, if I had a tweet that I found,
> > regardless of who its from, I can retweet it, but link together the
> > original tweet in the same manner that we do for the replies. Thus, we
> > create a chain of where a retweeted message came from but also allows
> > us to make comments. Heck, with this direction, you can blow away the
> > original tweet in your tweet and insert a full 140-character comment
> > and with the chain, Twitter can go back to the last tweet in the chain
> > that isn't linked and we can assume this is the original message and
> > display the original above the user's tweet in the timeline, in a
> > similar fashion of how message boards and forums work.
> > On Aug 13, 2:31 pm, janole <s...@mobileways.de> wrote:
> > > Will it be possible to "comment" on the retweeted tweet? If not,
> > > people might just continue to use the current "RT ..." convention.
> > > Retweeting can be a way of acknowledging a tweet or disapproving a
> > > tweet etc.
> > > If you search for "RT" in search.twitter.com you'll see a lot of
> > > commented retweets.
> > > Ole
> > > --
> > > @janole / mobileways.de / Gravity

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