I see two UI suggestions:

1) People may find it confusing to see the original author's name in
their list, as it's not expected.  I think it's better to show the
name of the retweeter, rather than the original tweeter (although a
link to the original tweet, in the form of the author's name, would be
fine and expected).

2) A larger issue with the UI will be the ability to have an option to
do one of three things:
    a) use the original tweeter's text in it's entirety.
    b) not use the original tweeter's text and instead, use the
retweeter's comment - or -
    c) a mix of (a) and (b)

Hope this helps.

On Aug 13, 2:31 pm, janole <s...@mobileways.de> wrote:
> Will it be possible to "comment" on the retweeted tweet? If not,
> people might just continue to use the current "RT ..." convention.
> Retweeting can be a way of acknowledging a tweet or disapproving a
> tweet etc.
> If you search for "RT" in search.twitter.com you'll see a lot of
> commented retweets.
> Ole
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