> Twitter, you will have to create new rules and limits around these new
> methods.
> A new breed of spammy app is going to emerge that leverages
> retweeting.
> One where users can say, "Search for tweets that contain these
> keywords, and automatically retweet them for me on my account."
> So, you're going to get Twitter accounts that simply retweet tweets
> from others to fill their timelines, or to interleave them with the
> remainder of their tweets that all contain affiliate links.
> Currently that is not so easy to do, because you have to massage the
> tweet text, i.e., insert "RT " and chop some text off if that takes
> the length beyond 140 characters, not chop off part of an URL if it's
> at the end of the text, etc. With the new methods all that falls away,
> because attribution is now given by the "retweeted by" in the source.
> No text massaging is required.
> How about: "You can only retweet tweets from those you follow." Just a
> thought.

Not a fan of this. In TTYtter, for example, I have keyword searches running
for topics I am personally interested in, and some of those tweets I will
retweet even though I don't follow the people who made them.

I see your point, but I think this would be unnecessarily restrictive to the
vast majority. As it is, I'm sure there are already bots that do things
like that, and the RT methods would at most be another way to facilitate it.

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