@janole wrote:
> Will it be possible to "comment" on the retweeted tweet? If not, 
> people might just continue to use the current "RT ..." convention.
> Retweeting can be a way of acknowledging a tweet or disapproving a 
> tweet etc.
> If you search for "RT" in search.twitter.com you'll see a lot of 
> commented retweets.

I expect that if this change is made, many people will retweet and then
reply to add their own commentary. But, this raises an issue: If I retweet
something and then reply to it, will the reply to the retweet show up for
all my followers? Right now the reply would only show up for followers that
were also following the original author, but that does not match the
intentions of a user that is doing a retweet-then-reply.

How are you going to present retweets in the SMS interface?

I don't see how the proposed UI answers the question "Why am I am seeing
this tweet when I'm not following this guy?" Is the "retweeted by" line
going to list only people I'm following, or is it going to list ALL people
that retweeted the message? From the way it is worded, it looks like it is
the latter (all people), but it would be more useful if it was the former.


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