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Will wrote:
My mindset was that why hold back a feature that solves one problem
just because it doesn't solve two.  What I didn't take into
consideration is that it creates another problem - disparate methods
of retweeting because people will revert back to the old method of
retweeting when they DO want to comment on the original tweet.  That
makes any method of aggregating retweets posted via the API method
incomplete.  That is a BIG minus.  Almost big enough for me to switch
sides on this issue.

You're right on the mark with your comments.  Nearly everyone in my
Twitter social circle uses RT with added commentary.  In most cases
they truncate or abbreviate the original message to make room for
their addition.   A Retweet function without a text attribute is
really surprising.

That is the core issue, there is going to be fragmentation. Developers are not going to even want to implement, if some use it, and others do not. The users are going to decide this one, and I suspect the users are not going to use it, since it offers less than the old way.

This adds easier and more perfect search results, something I suspect users are not using much anyway. Twitter has a lifespan of a few days, after that, those tweets are no longer in any users head, and they have moved on.
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