I seem to have opened a door that let in something ugly. Apparently
I'm not the only one with concerns but at least I don't have a live
application running that requires constant massaging. I believe my
original question has been answered for now.

Twitter guys: Since I'm currently unemployed I might be able to do
some of your grunt work while you address the concerns of other
developers. Is there anything I can do to help?


On Sep 11, 8:36 am, WyoKnott <mycro...@lifewithindustry.com> wrote:
> A few months ago I was introduced to the Twitter API by a prospective
> client who wanted a custom application. I took the time to learn the
> API and wrote a quick and dirty standalone windows app. The project
> fell through (the client could not get financing) but I have continued
> to be a twitter user and have subscribed to this group email. I
> stopped development on the project because the API does not yet seem
> stable enough for me to try to produce a marketable product on my own
> while at the same time chasing an API around. Is my opinion way off
> the mark or are some of the other developers out there feeling the
> same way.
> I am considering restarting development on the project if the Twitter
> API is likely to get more stable in the near future.
> Thanks for tolerating my ravings
> WyoKnott

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