On 4/23/2010 8:39 AM, Taylor Singletary wrote:
You've got to start somewhere. We all have an M.O. My first M.O. is to
help people see how they can help themselves. If they're still at a loss
we'll take it to the next level. We're all trying to work to scale here

I'm happy to look up possible reasons an app got suspended if provided
enough information to do so and explicitly asked to do so. I consider
your application details private and will not look them up with
permission. Useful details to provide: name of the application, name of
the Twitter user associated with the application, application ID (if known).

But as a general rule -- the reason applications get suspended is
because they violated something in our guidelines or terms of service,
which aren't impenetrable by any means.

And the reason why people get kicked out of clubs is because they violate the rules--but at least they are provided the name of the rule that they violated in the first place. If somebody is provided with a ticket and a fine for violating traffic rules, the court doesn't just point them to the law library and tell them "figure it out yourself. The rules aren't impenetrable by any means". And who are you advocating for, the developer or Twitter? At the very least I would expect you to say on the first e-mail, "give me your app information and I'll check it out. In the meantime check out the API and try to see what could have possibly caused the suspension." as opposed to reversing it and only putting out the last part when you are called on it.

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