Those 350 requests per user per hour - that's just to the REST api,
not the search api?
Is there any comparable usage for the search api?

We have an app that regularly runs a specific searches for users,
performs some significant analysis on them, and gives them the results
of that analysis. We bumprf into the Search rate limits last week
because of the Fukishima tweet-storm, but we expect to reach them
again as we scale up (and our service not working whenever something
really important happens would invalidate the model).

If we are allowed to make 350 search api requests authenticated as
each of our users to avoid rate limiting, that would solve the
problem. But if that type of behavior wouldn't let us make more search
requests, or if it would be abusive to make requests that way, we'll
re-architect the data retrieval system.

We're trying not to misbehave, but it's difficult to tell how we're
allowed to use our users.

On Mar 17, 7:10 pm, Scott Wilcox <> wrote:
> Yes, 350 requests per user, per hour.
> On 17 Mar 2011, at 22:46, hank williams wrote:

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