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Also as we stated before, you can use User Streams or Site Streams and
get more data by getting more users to authorize your application.

Ryan, it's not as simple as "getting more users to authorize your application." You need to get *all* your users to *explicitly* authorize the application's *exact* usage of their data! Users tend not to "read the fine print". I'd hate to see some data collection / analytics application make some assumptions based on the implicit openness of the tweet stream and then get nailed by a bunch of angry users. Angry users tend to write to their Congressmen and Senators. ;-)

Managing a *single* user's User Streams feed is a relatively straightforward coding task - I've got a smallish Perl script that can do it for my own account. Managing multiple users' Site Streams is a much more complex endeavor, and to use that mechanism for a data collection / analytics application is ludicrous IMHO. Somehow, the notion of "the right tool for the job" seems to have been ignored. ;-)

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