> 1. Your choice. You have now the opportunity to be sure the new 
> version  doesn't break existing code, specially yours.

No, it's the job of the person introducing the changes to make sure the 
component is backward compatible, and if not, document VERY CLEARLY at 
the top of the code any implications of the changes, not just in this 
mailing list.  And to clearly mark and date and changes.

I, nor anyone else, don't the time or inclination to compare every new 
source for undocumented changes, and try to work out what has been done. 

> 2. Nevertheless it is good to have it supported by the component in an 
> extensible way. We are not only talking about gzip but any 
> compression scheme.

So what other compression schemes are used by common HTTP servers? 

> 3. It has already been said that we must start with something and it 
> is planned to have pure Delphi implementation. There are plenty.

So you are saying you don't want a mixed Delphi/C++ implementation. 
Which of the 'plenty' of implementation have you tested?

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