Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
> This will work with Basic bu not with NTLM because (IIRC) the
> authentication phase is started by the server with the first 401.

Looks like sending body data must be delayed somehow, realy not

Maybe OnSendBegin is the right place:

SendRequest('POST', FRequestVer); 
if TriggerSendBeginEx then begin // New, same for PUT etc. returns TRUE by 
    FAllowedToSend := TRUE;
    SocketDataSent(FCtrlSocket, 0);

New event:
TOnSendBeginExEvent = procedure (Sender : TObject;
                                 var AllowSend: Boolean) of object;

In the event handler some wait loop (arrrgh!) that checks for state httpReady 
or timeout.

> Is there a way to empty the socket buffer?

Yes, CtrlSocket.DeleteBufferedData, but that will most likely 
come far too late, not reliable as well. 

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