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> > I cannot close the connection, it will not
> > work with NTLM authentication.
> I'm sorry, but I don't understand.  I must be missing
> something.  As soon as you detect the error response,
> you close the socket, then re-connect and re-send the
> request with the appropriate authentication header.

This will work with Basic bu not with NTLM because (IIRC) the authentication
phase is started by the server with the first 401.

Is there a way to empty the socket buffer?

> Granted, this is not currently supported directly by
> the component, but I don't see a problem in modifying
> it to do this.  By that I mean that it may be a
> challenge to do so, and it may be a hack, but it's
> not insurmountable.

I'm trying to modify directly the component but without success :-(

> Perhaps an event can be triggered after the headers
> are sent and an error response is received.  The
> application can then decide, based on the error code,
> whether to close and retry with authentication
> credentials, or just close and fail.

I think that it must be handled directly by the component. Too difficult if not
impossible to handle when NTLM is involved.

> But this is all in theory, as I haven't seen the
> HttpCli code in a couple of years.

Me too, last time was when was added the content handling.

Bye, Maurizio.

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