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> This will work with Basic bu not with NTLM because
> the authentication phase is started by the server
with the
> first 401.
> Is there a way to empty the socket buffer?

Again, I must be missing something (I admit I am not
very familiar with NTLM authentication).  So the
server sends a 401 error response, your client
detects this right after sending the header, while in
the process of sending the body.  It then reacts
immediately by terminating the connection.  It then
re-connects and responds to the 401 response with a
new request which includes the authentication header.

How is this different than the normal way:  You send
your request completely (head and body), the server
responds with a 401 error response and closes the
connection (or you close the connection).  You then
re-connect and perform the request again with the
authentication header.


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