I'm going to look at how to implement IPv6 in ICS and wonder
if support for winsock below v2.2 was actually required in
ICS v7?

No, I don't believe ICS v6 and v7 need to support any OSs earlier than
Windows 2000, since they are long out of support and there is no need
for them to support new applications.  v5 is fine for legacy
applications and compilers.

There's an option to dynamically load a different winsock version at
runtime (see properties ReqVerHigh and ReqVerLow).
However loading v2.x requires winsock2 headers, and if we want IPv6
we must use winsock2 API. I think I'll keep these two properties as
dummies, they would no longer work, what do you think?

Just an idea:
I don't think anyone ever changed the value of those properties. So changing their default value to the value required to support IPv6 wouldn't break any existing code and yet allow to trigger an exception if the winsock level is not reached. The setter of any other property specifying IPv6 would check the version properties and trigger an exception if the required version is not there. The idea is that it is better to trigger the exception when the IPv6 values are set to the properties than later when they are refused by the system calls.

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