Francois PIETTE wrote:
>> But there's another problem with WSocket_WSAAsyncGetHostByName.
>> AKAIK, this old API doesn't support IPv6. New API GetAddrInfo()
>> handles both IPv4 and IPv6 but it is blocking. Should I try to
>> emulate asynchron lookups using a thread? Ideas are welcome.
> Having async operation is really mandatory.
> I haven't looked at the API yet.
> Maybe completion port is what is required ? I think it requires a
> thread but a single one for all sockets is enough.

The signature is TGetAddrInfo = function(NodeName: PChar; ServName: PChar;
                                         Hints: PAddrInfo;
                                         var Addrinfo: PAddrInfo): Integer; 

GetAddrInfo/GetNameInfo is fully thread-safe, allowing just one 
call at the same time was IMO an unnecessary limitation. One could 
use a thread pool with a queue for instance. I aggree that creating 
one thread per call might be overkill and most likely slow too.

Arno Garrels 

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