> Sorry, there are no new C++ Builder for XE4/5/6 and old packages are not
> being
> tested with new components.
> Maintaining support for two new versions of Delphi a year and all the old
> ones
> is painful and tedious, just for Delphi there are 16 different packages to
> update and test the 11 versions of Delphi we try to support, and three
> different platforms  Win32/64/OSX), and there are eight more C++ Builder
> packages with three missing.

Thanks. I definitely understand that. It's a pain.

I think my best option may be to just get Delphi and install them in Delphi
where they will also be available in C++Builder. I think this is what I did
before with XE. Do you see any problems with this other than having to spend
extra $$$ on Delphi? It seems there is also another component I need that only
has Delphi packages as well.

I wish I could help with the packages but I don't feel I know enough. I played
around with it a bit and couldn't get the cookie manager component to build &
install. It looks like it's commented out and I had various issues trying to
uncomment it and get it to work.


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