> I would be happy to share my work if you'd like and you think it 
> might be helpful to others... 

Probably, but we really need all three missing BCB versions tested, which needs
someone with all these versions installed, which is not trivial. I have Windows
7 VM that is currently 120 gigs with 13 (I think) versions of Delphi/BCB
installed, which I use for testing ICS, it was a pain to set-up, I hope it
never self destructs so I don't have to start again. 

> Also, I have a question about the 'Debug' vs 'Release' build. Right 
> now it seems the projects compile with the 'Debug' build. What
> advantage does compiling for 'Release' have? 

What actually happens for debug and release builds can be customised, but
generally release is smaller since there is no debug information in the EXE.  


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