> No idea why, it's simple Delphi code, it has the same BCB conditional stuff
> as
> other ICS units.

I tried again and I think I'm learning. :-)

It looks like I may have been successful in creating XE6 packages based on the
XE3 packages. I also got the cookie component to install by adding the source
to one of the projects and uncommenting some conditionals that seemed to
exclude it for BCB. I have not done anything with the Fmx packages though... I
may do that later.

I created a quick test project, and threw a component on it. I had to add a
couple of global paths for the include and object files and then it compiled

I would be happy to share my work if you'd like and you think it might be
helpful to others... just tell me how. But again, I haven't done much testing.
I still need to address some other issues before I can get my application
building & working with XE6.

Also, I have a question about the 'Debug' vs 'Release' build. Right now it
seems the projects compile with the 'Debug' build. What advantage does
compiling for 'Release' have? Does it generate more efficient (optimized)
code? Should I even care or worry about it?


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