Hello all listees, how would I tell what my engine is?  A few weeks back,
(no flames here pls. ;) while driving on the highway I noticed white smoke
pouring out the back of my bus.  Well, dumbass am I, I forgot to torque my
oil drain nut enough so it wouldn't shake loose, etc.  Well, it did & was
lost on the highway along with a good deal of oil.  So there I was in
farmtown nowhere where no store had metric bolts, etc.
I found one eventually but it was not the fitting which was specified in my
Bentley & the mechanic's manuals.  How do I know if I have hydraulic
lifters?  I've inherited a '76 with 84K & the engine's very strong & makes
no clattering & hasnt' had a valve adjustment to my knowledge & according to
paperwork in over 15K.

Help anyone?

Thank in advance listees.

Sean Coghlan
'76 Anishnawbewagon

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