On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Sean Coghlan wrote:

> Hello all listees, how would I tell what my engine is?

> How do I know if I have hydraulic lifters?  I've inherited a '76 with
> 84K & the engine's very strong & makes no clattering & hasnt' had a
> valve adjustment to my knowledge & according to paperwork in over 15K.


When it was new, your bus had an engine that had solid lifters.  After 25
years, no matter what it says on the odometer, I would not trust it.

The way to tell for sure is to pull a lifter out and have a look at it.
Remove a valve cover, undo the nuts that hold the rocker shaft on, then
remove one  of the pushrods and its pushrod tube.  Then take a dibbler (a
magnet.... onna stick![1]) and pull the lifter out.  If it is solid, then
you have solid lifters.  If it has a number of bits, then you have

The second best (and much easier) way to tell is to pop the valve covers
off one fine morning and have a look at the gaps.  Basically, check the
gap on all your valves.  If none of them have any gap, then you have
hydraulic lifters.  If any have *some* gap, then you have solids.

If you have solid lifters, 15,000 miles is far too long between valve
adjustments.  Look in the type2.com library or Muir or Bentley for the

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