At 05:36 1/20/2002 -0500, Vanagon Man wrote:
>I feel that my posts and help I give are generally helpful.
That's all that is important.

>  It is a shame
>that a few faceless cowards resort to using the internet to talk to another
>listee in  a manner that they would not do face to face, or, trust me, they
>would be spitting teeth.
As I get older, I am more and more confused by why people behave the way 
they do.

I do come to realize that the roots of most bad personal and group behavior 
is founded on the base of ignorance, fed by.
Insecurity, Greed, Fear.

It is better to just smile at rudeness, and gain inner strength by not 
allowing yourself to  fall into that same arena of misbehavior.

Instead of reacting in a way that has "them" spitting teeth, just let 
"them" see you smile as you ignore their rudeness.

"Real" bus people are different.
Even when "real" bus people do not meet the standards of personal behavior 
that they should expect of themselves, "real" bus people are different, 
because ultimately they will feel an inner guilt for their misbehavior.

That's why we drive our buses, and that is why we are always happy to meet 
another bus person.
So just smile, and enjoy your ride in  your bus.

Your Sunday morning sermon, heh, heh.
Bob Perring
Drive Safe, Drive Slow, Park in the Ding Free Spots.
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