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>You cannot pull a non-hydraulic lifter without splitting the case. or for
>that matter a hydraulic lifter that has mushroomed on the cam


Apparently I've been doing the impossible all these years...  And has
anyone EVER seen a T4 hydraulic (or solid for that matter) lifter that
was mushroomed anywhere.  Now this informations is pretty much
true for a type 1 engine, though I'd still be amazed about a hydraulic
type 4 retrofit lifter (which is what my local guy installs) mushroomed
that far, maybe those crappy slip in T1 lifters.

We aren't talking apples and oranges here volks the topic of this is the
'76 TYPE 4 engine.  You can pull any T4 lifter at any time you darn well
please boys and girls after merely pulling the pushrod tubes.  You can
even do it on waterboxers but unless you buy expensive collapsible
tubes you can't replace those without pulling the head.  Anyway I don't
want anyone getting confused here with incorrect information.  You can
in fact retrofit hydraulics ON TOP of the ole solid lifter cam though some
will warn of this, many have done it and are happy enough with the results.
You need to secure all of the hydraulic valve train including pushrods,
solid rocker spacers, etc. in order to do so.

Anyway for informative hints on the T4 valvetrain please reference

Written by somebody I know and love.


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