> Hello all listees, how would I tell what my engine is?
> How do I know if I have hydraulic lifters?  I've inherited a '76 with
> 84K & the engine's very strong & makes no clattering & hasnt' had a
> valve adjustment to my knowledge & according to paperwork in over 15K.

Of course the engine code will tell you whether your particular engine is
_supposed_ to have hydraulic lifters or not.  Look at the very top of the
block for a series of numbers beginning with GD ('76-77 solid lifter) or GE
('78-79 hydraulic).  You will also find this number on the fan shroud, but
that is not a reliable place to look because someone might have used a fan
shroud from a different engine than yours.  Taking it right off of the block
is safer.

Of course, even if your engine code is GD (solid lifter) this doesn't rule
out the possibility that someone rebuilt it with hydraulic lifters, so it is
not a 100% sure way to know, but it will give you a "most likely" answer at
a quick glance.

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