At 08:53 AM 1/19/02 -0500, you wrote:
>You should be able to tell quickly by popping a valve cover, and looking at
>the pushrods.
>Hydraulic pushrods are more or less pencil thick, where as the older solid
>type are about 3/8 thick not to mention that both are made of different

Actually hydraulic lifter (steel) pushrods are closer to 3/8 sort of like
a big thick grade school pencil and solid lifter (aluminum) pushrods
are closer to 1/2".  The solid lifter rods have steel ends pushed into
aluminum tube and this is one of the best easiest way to tell them
at a glance, if right behind the end at the rocker the pushrod gets
bigger and changes color to a grey/whitish aluminum rod, the valvetrain
is solid lifter.  As to how often to adjust, certainly every 5000 with every
oil change is wise but in point of fact was the VW factory rec every
15,000 for the type4?  Anyway do it more often, learn to adjust your
valves if you can't.  I think Steve's point is real good as well, just wiggle
a rocker that is at TDC, hopefully all and certainly most on a solid
lifter will have a gap and little click, on hydraulic hopefully all but
at least 1/2 if you are lucky will still be holding oil and have no gap.


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