FYI - PickWiki does have an RSS feed.

Also, have any of you considered Brian's U2 User wiki/website?  The
wiki has a WYSIWYG editor, and the website has forums.  And the site
may already have an RSS feed or email notifications.

But let's face it, nobody's going to change or tweak your program code
just because they can.  If your code is useful to them, then they
might download and use it.  And in the slim chance they make an
improvement that they think might make a difference to someone else's
life, they might make the time to post their mod.  There are hundreds,
if not thousands, of software projects publicly available that no one
takes any interest in -- why should a PICK project be any different?
Sure, code snippets get discussed and rewritten here, but that's
because it is a snippet, not a complete program.

This is not a tool or convenience problem.  Most people are simply not
inspired to share what they know; those that are inspired are already

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 2:03 PM, Wjhonson <> wrote:
> No it (PickWiki) doesn't (bring changes to me).  That's the problem I see.
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