On 03/12/11 05:45, Wjhonson wrote:

  You don't need permission if you're being critical.
So all you have to do is take a copy of it, and then as you're working through 
it, criticize the lack of clarity and add the lacking clarity.
Perfectly legal under copyright law :)

Good luck with avoiding a lawsuit if you try that...

Several points to bear in mind
1) per Berne, the mere act of creation puts a "literary" work under copyright. 2) "fair use" and similar are Americanisms - there's no such concept under UK law although other jurisdictions do have something similar. 3) What you're doing is creating a "derived work", for which permission IS required. I think you're confusing "criticism" and "critique" - the point of a critique is it doesn't contain much, if any, of the work it's critiquing.

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