Just because you use the words "Stanford University" doesn't impress most of us. Nor does it improve your arguments. I suspect this is one of those instances where we should just let things go and we can all move on. :-)


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Tony the legal points are all layed out in a blog from Stanford University.
This isn't something I'm making up.
Don't try to troll the list by making an extreme statement that I never made.
We're only discussing copyright and criticism, period.  We're not discussing 
all things.

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I think it's time to stop arguing with someone who doesn't
understand or agree with generally accepted concepts like
intellectual property, infringement of copyright, plagiarism,
etc.  This has been a recurring theme of his for years.  Add to
this that he intentionally publishes incomplete and misleading
data on webpages advertised as being informational.  He has a
real disconnect in this whole notion of distribution of
information, and no amount of discussion helps.


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