On 16/02/12 23:09, Tony Gravagno wrote:
> To Doug, you imply that GUI=productive which is as invalid as
> telnet=unproductive.  I also hoped that you would have restrained
> your competitive instincts in just this one case.  You don't need
> to stomp on other products to promote your own.  You'll note that
> no one stomps on your threads when you make an announcement.

Actually, I think it's pretty much a given that gui=UNproductive.

The whole point of a gui seems to be to make things easy for novices, to
the extent that they are *prevented* from becoming experts. Have you
ever tried touch-typing in a gui word processor? You're supposed NOT to
look at the screen, so that anything that accidentally or unexpectedly
triggers a gui pop-up will send your productivity down the pan!

Okay, I know that's a generalisation and some guis help, but ime they're
few and far between ...

Unfortunately, PHBs seem to like them (probably because they have no
idea how to actually do real work :-)

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