"Why is DOS still on Windows? Because there are some things you just can't do 
easily with windows,"

Just the other day I did a
del *.txt

pretty trivial to do at the DOS prompt.  Rather more cumbersome to do in a 
click click click point, select click click select point click.....

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Why? Because it has almost no overhead, and has the most flexibility.
Can the 3 year old (assuming they understood the process) select items from one 
ile based on selection
  Then pull items from another file using a related ID and save that list.
Perform that again on two other files and save that list.
Merge those two, and then push that list into an application that emails a file
The above would take 2-3 min to do with telnet.
IT would take significantly longer to do with a GUI front end.
telnet is excellent for administration and development. Once you know what you 
ant, then you
an use the GUI to setup a nice interface for those that want to point and 
Why is DOS still on Windows? Because there are some things you just can't do 
asily with windows,
r without writing/buying an application.
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hy are we using telnet in
2 as our main form of communication?
In today's world a 3 year old can use an iPad to access a Universe or
nidata database application.  We sell an Alpaca herd management that runs
n the iPad and our granddaughter used the application "Who's your daddy?"
o find out who the alpaca's daddy is.  Sorry, another digression.
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