PeopleSoft is a company that has a full suite of products for industry vertical solutions, and includes things
like Asset Mgmt, Customer Relationship Management, etc...

Their two main products of interest for Ascential are EnterpriseOne and Enterprise Performance Management.

They embed DataStage (they formally had an arrangement with Informatica, as Phil says) into their product
suites to provide data integration, meta data management, and they will be reselling various PACKS to provide
connectivity to things like SAP, Seibel, and Oracle. 

So yes, underneath the covers PeopleSoft customers will be using the DataStage Engine, which used to be
the UniVerse engine, but who's development has diverged from that of UV over the last 2 years. 

Amazing where you'll find UV (or DSEngine) these days :-)


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Peoplesoft used Informatica to import/export and move data around within their product suite, now they use DataStage, NOT Universe. The data is stored in Oracle or other RDBMS DataStage with its underlying engine based on UniVerse of 1-2 years ago processes the data and that is all.

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