> All I ask is to keep an open mind as PICK plays an important role in
> some areas of technology that cannot be replaced

I am very open minded to all Technologies and I think every software
professional will benefit from being open to technologies.

I have been unable to convince myself that an UV Brings any kind of
value for the below in an OLTP Environment.

1. Advanced Level Software Development.
2. Performance
3. Scalability etc

Nested tables (Big Feature for UV) is not something new, most relational
databases accommodate this feature at a much higher level.

IF BIG THREE Databases (DB2/ORACLE/MSSQL) was poor on ROI...
Why would 75% of the worlds Corporations depend on such databases?

Can you Name One BIG Fortune 100 that totally relies on UV?

I have heard stories where several corporations migrated to RDBMS, 
Never heard any LARGE Corp(Hershey, GE, BOfA etc) switch to UV/MVDBMS.

Never seen any Enterprise Software (SAP, PeopleSoft etc) mention UV on
their Web Sites.... Never seen a book on UV OR PICK at Barnes & Nobles.

Perhaps you can explain where UV plays an Important Role.

Joe Eugene

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> Hi Joe
> I have worked with variety of databases and I think using one
> performance statistic to evaluate the capabilities of one database
> against another is meaningless.  As a professional I consider all
> databases for any business requirement and select on their merits.  To
> discount MV products from that list would be unproffesional and
> negligent.  There are numerous cases where Universe has clobbered
> in the real world and a cost per transaction it is very strong.
> If you take an Oracle style application and run it on Universe, Oracle
> will probaly run better.  If you take a typical Universe Application
> run it on another RDBMS, Universe will most likely run better.  The
> style of application can impact on speed, different databases are
> for different styles of applications and a number of applications
> in the PICK world do not transfer to RDBMS to the surprise of many a
> sacked CEO.
> I have used Universe to integrate with a significant number of other
> databases and applications and have generated award winning software.
> The most critical requirement for any is bussiness is to have a
> that is reliable, creates an ROI and is on schedule in development
> is the norm in the Universe world.
> All I ask is to keep an open mind as PICK plays an important role in
> some areas of technology that cannot be replaced.
> Regards
> David Jordan
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