Yes, we DO persist record locks, so a Visage application can happily co-exist with its 
green screen cohorts.

I know that "everyone" says that this is impossible with a non-persistent application 
.... they are wrong !

Sorry, I'm not going to publish the code here :-) ........ suffice to say that BECAUSE 
we have had the luxury of time to develop Viságe, we have overcome MANY problems that 
face this type of technology - and this isn't even the most difficult !

Many of our "competitors" have inherent problems with their approaches that I don't 
think even THEY know they have yet (sorry, I'm not going to give THEM a heads up 
either :-). One day they will go SPLAT, and find that they are going to have to take 
more than a few steps backwards (been there, done that), if not a TOTAL system re-tool 
.... 'tis the nature of the beast.

As our "sales spiel" goes, one of the biggest advantages you get with Viságe is all of 
the mistakes we have made along the way. You are left with a "distillate" that is very 
"pure", efficient, and potent :-)

Ross Ferris
Stamina Software
Visage - an Evolution in Software Development

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>> That would certainly be the case, especially when you also take into
>account the REDUCTION of DB licences required to support your user
>population ! (or for existing sites the ability to increase the effective
>user population, without a corresponding increase in DB licences).
>> This is because Viságe uses web technology for data transport, and
>operates with a non-persistent connection model, so you are only
>"connected" to the backend database to do things
>> like reading records, and executing server code.
>Hold on here amigo.
>Are you saying you do not persist record locks?
>You know what I mean.
>Explain how you do this.
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