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> In truth I have found the fear to be more in the hearts of the IT
> person who has tweaked the system over the past 15+ years and is insulted
> that their masterpiece is being considered a dinosaur ready for replacement.
> How dare they! You don't think that way when you replace your car now do
> you?  You generally move into a newer improved model that outperforms the
> car you left behind.  It may react a little differently, 
> but overall the
> performance is better.

But Deb I fear your alternative is a pretty lemon.
I don't want to trade up my Jeep with cruise control, automatic headlights and 
anti-lock brakes for a porsche with a stick shift do I?

IT needs to be on-board with any management decisions and then at the meetings they 
can ask pertinent questions like "Can you show us where the Audit logs are kept and 
can we modify that process to our needs?"  "Can you show us how easy it is for a user 
to customize one of these reports you have?"  "If I have a customer who wants 100 
units allocation to them on a continuous basis, how do we set that up in your 
inventory system?"

If IT is relegated to a service function, not a decision function or worse, if a "new" 
IT manager who "didn't do it that way where I came from" appears than you're screwed.  
Excuse my French.
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