You are right - there are no silver bullets, you don't throw the baby out with the 
bath water [I will not go into the sordid history of this one], and some degree of 
effort is required to embrace anything that is new

[and I'll exit the thread there before I get spanked by Clif :-]

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>> So YOU, as a developer, would construct a cube with the 6 "key" fields
>that the user is interested in. You also get to do things like define an
>"opening" view of the information - AND also the query that is used to
>generate the cube (BTW, did
>> I mention that Visage has a drag'n'drop query facility :-)
>I don't think you understood me.  There isn't "the user" and there isn't "6
>key fields".  There are 500 reports, some have three fields, some have
>twelve fields.  The entire data set of reports in total utilizes 50
>different numeric or date fields.
>So no I wouldn't create a cube with 6 fields.  I would create a cube with
>50 fields and create 500 views into it.. or your software would have to
>allow users to easily create and save their own views.
>The point being that it's not a magic bullet.  I or they STILL have to
>create those 500 views ...
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