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> The reason why you need that special view (20L vs 12L) is because you are 
> constrained by your 132 column printer (or 240 cols).
> As a cube uses the screen as it's canvas, which has a scroll bar, you can just 
> SCROLL across .... or simply "shrink" the column display width (just like in Excel)
> This also avoids having dictionaries "cluttered" with (what 
> I would call) redundant definitions
> Ross Ferris
> Stamina Software
> Visage â an Evolution in Software Development

My green screen doesn't have a scroll bar!
And my Accuterm screen seems to want either 80 or 132 display mode ....
Also I just can't get my customers used to scrolling right and left, they want to see 
things on one screen.  And since they pay the bills.
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