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> So YOU, as a developer, would construct a cube with the 6 "key" fields that the user 
> is interested in. You also get to do things like define an "opening" view of the 
> information - AND also the query that is used to generate the cube (BTW, did 
> I mention that Visage has a drag'n'drop query facility :-)

I don't think you understood me.  There isn't "the user" and there isn't "6 key 
fields".  There are 500 reports, some have three fields, some have twelve fields.  The 
entire data set of reports in total utilizes 50 different numeric or date fields.

So no I wouldn't create a cube with 6 fields.  I would create a cube with 50 fields 
and create 500 views into it.. or your software would have to allow users to easily 
create and save their own views.

The point being that it's not a magic bullet.  I or they STILL have to create those 
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