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Subject: How far can U2 scale?

At what point in the life of application software would it be so large that
you could not (or would not want to) support it with your existing UniData
or UniVerse database?  

Is there a point where you would be better served by DB2 or Oracle, for
example due to the scale you are working with?

I hear people talk about moving way from U2 in order to do ODBC and use
standard industry tools (and most find that the grass is not greener for
those purposes), but I don't hear about switching because of running into
scaling issues.  However, we sometimes think of PICK as addressing
small-to-mid size businesses and RDBMS folks sometimes think of their
products as scaling the best.

So, what's the cut-off for U2?  Thanks.  --dawn

Dawn M. Wolthuis
Tincat Group, Inc.

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